Welcome to On Eggshells

Walking on eggshells. It’s the feeling you have while waiting for the world to erupt around you. The words that will either ease your fear or disrupt the delicate balance you are struggling to maintain. The words that will let you relax for a few minutes or cut you to ribbons.

Words have power. They can comfort, heal, and educate. They can also destroy. That last one is what this blog is all about.

Verbal abuse happens every day, in poor families and wealthy ones. It happens in schools, workplaces, and anywhere people interact. While yelling, cursing, and name-calling are certainly part of the mix, verbal abuse is often subtle. It is the quiet assurances that you are incapable of ever doing anything right, the little punishments administered to maintain control.

These words are what keep battered women going back to a physically abusive partner, but it is also often the only form of abuse used in the relationship. And women are just as likely to be verbally abusive as men are.

The purpose of this blog is to talk about the varying forms of verbal abuse, how to recognize it, how to deal with and stop it, and how to heal. The authors both have personal experience with verbal abusers and have dealt with it in domestic, school, and work settings.

We take this subject seriously and will address it with care and sensitivity. We will also use humor; because that’s one of the ways we have both dealt with our own experiences. So join us for an important conversation.

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